In 2020 we ran four editions of Diplomatic English for Conference Interpreters: three summer CPD courses and a special autumn edition for staff interpreters at the Translation Bureau (Government of Canada, Ottawa). Here is what participants had to say about the experience.

Translation Bureau edition

This course was extremely informative, useful, and most important of all, entertaining! Michelle and Lucy are great trainers and they have a positive mindset, which makes the course very enjoyable. I highly recommend it to conference interpreters who want to work on their English B while learning all there is to know about diplomacy!

Fannie St-Pierre-Tanguay, Conference Interpreter at Translation Bureau

Michelle and Lucy have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they put to good use in their teaching. This course helped me gain a more well-rounded knowledge base, which will undoubtedly help me in the booth. And we interpreted speeches on a wide array of topics and from a variety of different sources, which also helped me grow as a professional. I highly recommend their course and wouldn’t hesitate to enroll in another in the future!

Deidre Kelly, Conference Interpreter at Translation Bureau

DECI is the most useful course that I have taken as an interpreter. So much general knowledge was imparted, besides the actual English practice! It was a highlight of 2020!

Marie-Eve Racette, Conference Interpreter at Translation Bureau

It was great working with Lucy and Michelle. Competent, knowledgeable and patient trainers. A wide range of topics of international interest were discussed. We were presented with different situations and challenges that helped us try out different interpretation strategies. I highly recommend this course.

Lylian Leila Ndze, Conference Interpreter at Translation Bureau

Summer 2020 editions

The DECI course was a unique opportunity. The course is well designed, the topics are relevant, the feedback is useful and the trainers are excellent. the course is challenging in the sense that you are a stakeholder, you prepare the course, you intervene during the course and interpret. The students are engaged all along the course. I loved it, I already miss it and I hope to see and attend DECI2. Thank you for everything. It is by far one of the best courses I have ever taken.

Safia Harbi, Freelance Translator-Interpreter (English, Arabic, French)

I never would have thought that an online course could be so interactive! Thank you so much for not only providing us with such a valuable opportunity to improve our English retour skills, but also making us feel connected to each other so strongly despite the physical distance. I am missing our sessions already!

Mai Rapsch. Conference Interpreter (M.A.) and Translator (German, Japanese, English)

The instructors are highly experienced trainers, thank you for your professional guidance. The course was very well designed with extensive readings and practice. I was especially grateful to meet so many professional interpreters from many language pairs. It was a great opportunity not only to sharpen my interpreting skills but also to gain confidence and meet like-minded colleagues in the industry. I would like to recommend this course to anyone interested in conference interpreting in the diplomatic field and more. Look forward to joining other training sessions provided by Michelle and Lucy in the future.

Violette Liu, Conference Interpreter and Translator (English, Mandarin, Japanese)

I loved the course. I recommend it to anyone who wants to work on their English B interpreting or who wants to get an insight into the world of diplomacy. Fun, engaging, demanding.

Karolina Szynder, Freelance Interpreter and Translator (English, Polish, Czech)

Very enriching experience, very intense course, fantastic to work with colleagues all over the world thanks to the remote mode!

Doris Riegelnegg, Conference Interpreter (English, Italian, German)

We, interpreters, always strive to enhance our subject-matter proficiency and refine our interpreting skills. This well designed and masterfully executed course helps to achieve both goals. I enjoyed Lucy’s thought-provoking approach to exploring seminal case studies on diplomatic relations and international institutions. Our interpreting sessions expertly orchestrated by Michelle felt like swimming in cool waters: a bit uneasy at first, exhilarating and invigorating once you get into the swing of things. And it was a special joy to get to know my brilliant classmates. I was looking forward to each and every class.

Irina Jesionowski, conference and court interpreter (Russian, English)

Thank you so very much for the fantastic opportunity and your commitment and dedication, Michelle and Lucy, to compile such a practical and challenging (in a good way!) course. It was very awakening, especially in the somewhat possibly lethargic time of Covid-19: really appreciated. It has been truly inspiring: there were lots of food for thought and new discoveries which I could not have foreseen coming which have definitely contributed to my growth. Only, it’s a shame that the course has come to an end! I would be the first in line, should there be a sequel.

Rie Hiramatsu, Conference Interpreter (Japanese, English)

Other Testimonials

Michelle consistently went above and beyond the call of duty to produce high-quality teaching materials in creative and interesting ways.”

Andrew Clifford, Director, Glendon Master of Conference Interpretation

“I attended English for Diplomacy as part of my foreign studies and it has definitely enriched my understanding of international politics. Lucy inspired us to think critically, fostering our communication skills and enabling us to autonomously recognize the subtleties of foreign relations. I recommend this course to everyone who is looking to deepen their knowledge on a variety of political themes through the lens of diplomacy.” 

Wiktoria Nowogrodzka, student of Language, Culture and Translation, 2020, University of Mainz

“English for Diplomacy is one of the most dynamic courses I have ever participated in! Precise, sharp and deep. It was quite a challenge but due to Lucy’s manner, I didn’t feel any stress or anxiety. It was a safe place for the learning process.”

Tatiana Grygorieva, Student of International Management, 2020, WSB, Gdansk

Thank you so much, Michelle. I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from the course. You have the art of encouraging and being objective at the same time throughout the whole process. I regard you as one of the best interpreting teachers I’ve encountered.”

Edwina Mumbru, conference interpreter, participant in INTTRA Retour into English short course, 2014

Lucy has has helped me in one-to-one lessons to improve my retour, showing great commitment, professionalism, and patience. She always carefully plans my lessons in order to make the most out of our sessions. Her teaching is fun and engaging and she’s absolutely great at building confidence! I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in enhancing their English.  

Laura Navas Díaz, conference interpreter FR/EN/IT/CAT/ES

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