English Enhancement for Conference Interpreters


  • Thursday 15 – Saturday 17 December (three days)
  • Saturday 7 – Monday 9 January (three days)
  • Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 January (two days)
  • Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 February (two days)
  • Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 March (two days)
  • Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 April (two days)
  • Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 May (two days)
  • Saturday 24- Sunday 25 June (two days)

Class times:

  • Early morning: 8:00 – 10:00 CET or
  • Evening: 18:30 – 20:30 CET

Contact hours: total 6 hours for 3-day courses; 4 hours for 2-day courses (2 hours per day)

Group size: 4

Delivery mode: online (Zoom)

Details here.

If you have a group and wish to request a bespoke class, please feel free to get in touch.

Enhance your English B in small groups of four in this online CPD course for professional interpreters.

About the course

English Enhancement for Conference Interpreters is designed to help professional conference interpreters brush up their English B. The courses last either three or two days, and you will work in small groups of four with only one trainer (Lucy Findlay).

The course will provide online intensive English language practice for two hours each day. You will be given the opportunity to interact with your colleagues and the trainer, and will receive feedback on your English from the trainer.

Topics and exercises

Each day will have a specific topic that will be the basis for the English exercises. The two-hour session will include:

– a warm-up exercise
– a group discussion in which we explore topics of international or technical interest
– a short off-the-cuff speech-making exercise and/or short English to English consecutive exercise (you will not receive feedback on your consecutive skills, but on your English. Consecutive mode is used solely as a means to work on enhancing your English).

You will work in small groups of no more than 4 participants. 15-30 minutes reading/watching preparation will be required for each of the sessions, so expect to spend some time on coursework outside of the online sessions.

Who is this course designed for?

Conference interpreters wishing to maintain or improve their spoken English so they can keep or start working into English as a retour.

To ensure all participants get the most out of the course, you will ideally have the following profile:

– You are a professional conference interpreter. This is usually defined as having either a degree in Conference Interpreting or equivalent professional experience (calculated as five years of experience or roughly 100 days of work). 

– You speak English at an intermediate to advanced level and may already be providing interpretation into English (English should be a B or C language in your combination). 

– You can take notes from a speech lasting up to four minutes for interpretation in consecutive mode.

– You are comfortable receiving feedback from the trainer within a supportive learning environment.

– You have reliable Internet access and a headset that you can use when participating in online sessions.

 Lucy has has helped me in one-to-one lessons to improve my retour, showing great commitment, professionalism, and patience. She always carefully plans my lessons in order to make the most out of our sessions. Her teaching is fun and engaging and she’s absolutely great at building confidence! I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in enhancing their English.  

Laura Navas Díaz, conference interpreter FR/EN/IT/CAT/ES

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